Taxi Booking Process 

The diagram below illustrates the booking mechanism used when a customer makes a booking through the taxi booking website. The diagram may look a little complicated so lets run through it step by step

  1. Customer visits the taxi booking website where they enter their journey details. When happy with the calculation provided by the fare calculator the customer places their order.
  2. The order is sent to the Server where it passes the customers payment details to the Payment Gateway.
  3. The Payment Gateway contacts the customers Bank requesting confirmation for the payment. The bank either accepts or rejects the payment request. This response is then sent back to the payment gateway and then back to the server. If the bank has accepted the payment request funds are then transferred to the merchant’s account.
  4. If payment has been rejected the customer is presented with a message on the taxi booking website.
  5. If the payment has been accepted the customer is presented with a booking confirmation message on the taxi booking website. An email is also sent to the customer confirming their booking details and payment.

The taxi company is also sent an email containing the journey details and customers contact details. Location Finder This is the most important part of the taxi booking website, without the location finder the customer will be unable to obtain a quotation from the fare calculator. The taxi booking system is integrated with Google as standard, this enables the software to calculate journey distances and present the user with maps plotted with the predicted taxi journey.

Please note: Google’s address service is reliant on the data held by Google, there may be times where data is incomplete or inaccurate. If you would like the customer to be able to select postcodes, house number, street names and locations from a dynamic list this option is an additional extra.

taxi booking process

taxi booking process