How it works

The system works by asking the customer a number of questions in order for the fare calculator to provide them with a quotation. If the customer is then happy with the quotation they can then proceed and book the taxi by making an online payment.

Lets run through website quotation process step by step…

In total there are 7 steps that are required from start through to completion of the booking, they are as follows:

Step 1

The system asks customer to enter the following details:

  • Pick up location
  • Drop off location
  • Date *
  • Time *

* Restrictions are placed on the date and time of the booking. This will prevents customers from booking taxis less than 30 minutes from the time of booking. This allows the taxi companies time to accept the booking.

Step 2

The system asks customer to enter the following details;

  • Pick-up and drop-off house numbers, if necessary
  • Number of passengers
  • Number of items of luggage
  • Any extra information such as flight number

When the information has been input the user continues to the next step.

Step 3

The system asks customer to log in, or register with the following details;

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Email address
  • Password

Creating an account lets the customer keep a full history of their journeys, as well as allowing them to add comments per journey and rate the taxi company they selected.

Step 4

The system finds taxi companies that will pick up from the desired location. It calculates the fare price and provides a list of taxi companies for the customer to choose from.

Each taxi company is accompanied by the price and rating. The customer now selects a company to book with.

Step 5

The customer is provided a summary of their booking. They can choose to pay the driver in cash, or pay online* through the PayPal payment gateway.

*Online payments can be subject to a booking fee if required.


Step 6

Once the booking is finalised, the system sends the taxi company a confirmation email* with the requested booking details. They then log in to the website to accept the booking.

*TextLocal integration is also supported, which will also send an SMS to the company with the booking details.

Step 7

When the booking is accepted, the user is sent a confirmation email containing all the details of their booking.